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Choosing Wedding Photography Packages (2024)

I have found that couples in the early planning stages of their wedding can have a hard time figuring out exactly how much time they need their photographer on the day of the event. It's easy to assume that you'll need to book someone for at least 8 hours, if not more! In many instances, however, I've found that's not really the case.

The main things to consider with the schedule of your day are:

  • Do you want "getting ready" photos?

  • Do you have a large family/families who will want a lot of family photos as well?

  • Are you having a send-off at the end of the reception?

With these things in mind, this is how it breaks down with my 2024 Wedding Photography Packages.

The Simple Wedding Photography Package - 4 Hours, 100 Images, $1,200

This package is ideal for the couple who want some beautiful photos of a really special day in their lives, but not looking for all the bells and whistles. They're not concerned about getting ready photos, the ceremony itself is fairly short, and they probably have a pretty straightforward reception planned. They need a photographer to show up a little bit before the ceremony, get some great shots of the couple and their close family members, and then stay for the first hour or so of the reception for toasts, dancing, and maybe cutting the cake.

The Traditional - 6 Hours, 200 Images, $2,250

The six-hour option is best for couples who want everything that comes with "The Simple" package, but need a little more. Maybe they really want photos of getting ready with their respective wedding parties. Maybe they're not into getting ready photos, but they have a sparkler send-off planned for the end of the night and want to make sure that is captured.

If you're thinking this package is sounding right for you, but you're worried about the photographer being able to capture all the images you want, don't forget that you can add a second photographer for $750.

The Deluxe - 8 Hours, 300 Images, $3,250

The Deluxe package works wonderfully for the couple who have a lot to capture! 8 hours allots time for the extra details, like getting ready, or a first look. There's more time to capture family portraits (which can be very handy for those who have large families!), not to mention more time at the reception if you're planning to do a first dance, dances with parents, lots of toasts, maybe even a send-off. And if you have a full agenda for the day, a second photographer can be added on for $1,000.

The Short & Sweet - 30 Minutes, 25 Images, $150

I love elopements so much. Just because they are a short and usually intimate ceremony with a small group, that doesn't mean they don't deserve beautiful photos. We can accomplish a lot in 30 minutes, and if you need a little longer? A full hour is $300, with 50 final images.

Some Final Thoughts...

When in doubt, reach out! Planning a wedding has a lot of moving parts and details, and it's easy to get overwhelmed with every last thing. If you're having a tough time figuring out how long you'll need a photographer, I am only a message away! And since the deposit for all wedding services is the same ($200), we can always update your package if your needs change. Keep calm, and plan on!

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