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Laura & Tommy's Maternity Session

Laura and I first met in college when we were placed in the same choir. We were undergraduates, holding down the alto 2 section, and as luck would have it, we each re-entered the choir world later (same college) when she was studying Composition and I was working on my Masters degree in choral conducting.

I still remember when I found out that she and Tommy were dating, because it was one of those crazy moments when different parts of my own world collided. Tommy and I had gone to high school together and were both band kids (he's an insane trumpet player), and I remember thinking "Oh wow. They are perfect for each other!"

When Laura and Tommy were married, I got to sing one of Laura's original compositions in a small ensemble at their wedding, and they both attended my own wedding a few years later. I absolutely adore them, and you can imagine how completely touched I was when Laura asked me to a maternity session with her and Tommy.

I met them at their house in Kansas City, and we began in the nursery. It's a beautiful room, full of bright window light and mementos from each of their own childhoods; a large stuffed bear that was Laura's, sitting in a rocking chair, a beautiful wooden shelf that Tommy's mom bought when he was a baby. Everything in there is so cozy, and perfectly curated for the arrival of their baby who will be here in April.

pregnant woman with teddy bear

mother with sonogram

baby ultrasound photos

married couple in baby's nursery

It's been an early Spring so far this year, but it was a chilly morning when I first arrived. After the sun had been out for a bit, we moved to their backyard. Tommy was especially excited to recreate a set of photos that his own parents did when his mom was pregnant; she stood, cradling her baby bump. And then his dad, standing in the same spot, cradled his own pretend baby bump.

hands make a heart over a baby bump

backyard maternity photo session

maternity photo session in backyard

pregnant woman and husband laughing

woman cradling her baby bump

husband pretending to cradle a baby bump

There is no doubt that Laura and Tommy are going to be the best parents, and I am so excited to meet their baby this Spring!

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