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Kayn & Steph's Proposal

Kayn and I knew each other years ago when we were both at the KU School of Music, so when he contacted me about photographing his proposal, I couldn't have been more excited.

The plan was pretty straightforward: we would meet at Wells Overlook before sunset to scout the location, go through logistics, and then... wait.

Steph's best friend was in on the whole thing. The "story" was that her mom wanted to take photos of them, which necessitated dressing up and getting their nails done. As far as Steph knew, Kayn had stayed home to take a nap, so she was none the wiser. As the car pulled up, I could see how nervous he was.

White car arriving at wedding proposal

Woman arriving at secret wedding proposal

Kayn dropped to one knee as he held Steph's hand, and he said, "On this day 30 years ago, my father first asked my mom to dance. 27 years ago, they were married. And on this day, I ask you to be my wife."

Sunset proposal at Wells Overlook

Emotional wedding proposal in Lawrence, KS

A man puts engagement ring on new fiancee

Wedding proposal in front of stunning sunset

It's hard to say whether there was a dry eye among us (mostly because I was definitely crying behind the lens), but as the sun continued to set, we celebrated with portraits of the newly-engaged couple, and family there both in body and spirit.

A new fiancee hugs her best friend with joy

A new fiancee is emotional while hugging her best friend

A sunset portrait of a newly engaged couple

A newly engaged couple laughs during photo shoot

Lawrence, KS, wedding proposal

Detail shot of an engagement ring

A new bride showing off her engagement ring

Sunset portrait of a newly engaged couple kissing

Groom and his mother pose with bride and old wedding photo

A group cheers after a wedding proposal

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