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Ivy & Scott's Fall Wedding at the Arboretum

It's cliche to talk about there being love at a wedding, but I was especially struck by this one. Not just with the love that Ivy and Scott have for each other, but the love they share with each of their friend groups.

On an absolutely perfect (and windy!) October day, a large crowd gathered at the Arboretum overlooking the pond to watch two people they love be wed. Scott, dashing in a Gomez Addams way in a burgundy suit, was kept busy hugging and greeting the many guests who arrived and took small vials of bubble solution for when the couple would walk back down the aisle together. When it was time, he followed his procession of four groomsmen, a group of five men who have been friends since childhood, down the grassy path toward the wooden platform adorned with flowers, two large mums on either side.

Ivy was absolutely radiant walking down the aisle, a deep crimson lip and classic old Hollywood glamour, and as she came to the platform and laughed about her veil blowing across her face, Scott wiped tears from his eyes.

The ceremony reflected perfectly who these two people are. Having met in improv, they share a love of quirky comedy, and in between pop culture references that had everyone laughing, they looked at each other with absolute warmth and gratitude for the person they would be spending their life with.

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