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Dana & Genea's outdoor wedding in Baldwin

Updated: Dec 8, 2023

It was pouring rain when I rolled up the long gravel driveway at Midnight Farm in Baldwin, KS. Rain doesn't bother me one bit on a wedding day, but I admit I wasn't sure how the brides would be feeling about the situation. Genea met me with one of her best men, the two of them driving in a gator, and directed me up to the main house where Dana and her bridesmaids were getting ready.

I found the group in the bedroom, a flurry of activity in purple and lavender dresses. Dana was in the process of having her hair done, and I could tell quickly by her tightly-clasped hands that the rain was not giving her great vibes for their completely outdoor wedding ceremony and reception. They were waiting to set up the tables outside until the rain subsided, but it understandably had made for a different timeline than planned.

The morning was nevertheless cozy, and as more loose ends were tied and the forecast looked promising, Dana became visibly more relaxed. I packed up my gear and, shuttled by one of the bridesmaids, went to check out the spot.

Down a short road, you pass a long swath of trees that look as though they never end, and all of a sudden you are in this wide, sloped clearing that looks like it could house an amphitheatre. All of the rain had made everything lush, and a striking green. The tables with their white tablecloths, held until the last possible minute, collected the rain that continued to drip from the sky. The bright floral arrangements were dotted with condensation that made them look bejeweled.

Guests arrived in good spirits, huddling together under the pavilion, and made their way to the tables as it got closer to go time, wiping rain from their seats. Genea and the wedding party lined up on the same road we entered, her bright pink blazer sharp against the emerald backdrop. When everyone had made it to their places, Dana emerged from a small clearing in the trees on her brother's arm, under a large black and white umbrella. Genea, who can usually be found laughing, smiling, and basically becoming everyone's best friend, was overcome with the emotion of it all and wiped tears from her face.

By the time the ceremony ended, the rain had stopped. It doesn't get much more poetic than that. The reception went off without a hitch, and the sun fully came out in time to bathe everyone in the warm glow of a perfect summer evening, sharing toasts to the couple, enjoying cupcakes, clutching their loved ones at the photo booth setup, and dancing.

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