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Affordable Elopement Photography

I'll never forget the first time I watched the episode of "The Office" where Jim and Pam get married. For those of you who haven't seen it (obviously not a millennial, am I right?), everything is going wrong and Pam is especially distraught because everyone is driving her crazy. Cut to a series of scenes where you see Jim and Pam running off from the church, boarding a boat to Niagara Falls, and getting married by the boat captain, before returning to the church for their planned ceremony.

It was the first time I realized how romantic and important the elopement could be.

When I started Emily Henry Photography, I specifically wanted to offer affordable elopement photography. It's an area in the wedding photography world that is often overlooked and/or priced at rates that many couples who are choosing an elopement don't have the budget for.

My husband and I eloped before our wedding. It's been a little known secret, but it's also been almost 8 years, so I feel comfortable revealing this. Our public wedding was small and intimate, with less than 30 guests, and even with all of that I was feeling overwhelmed with wedding planning. A month before our wedding, we found a same-day officiant and drove to the courthouse in Jackson County, MO. I expected to basically show up and fill out some paperwork and that would be it, but our officiant surprised us with a very heartfelt exchange of vows. It was a beautiful, beautiful couple of minutes.

We didn't have a photographer, and I wish we had. The officiant snapped some photos of us after, which I am so grateful for, but I think about sitting inside that gorgeous building on that wooden bench, holding John's hand, and tearing up exchanging vows with him. I wish I had even just one photo of that.

I have been so fortunate to work with Anna Johnson of Bel Amour. She is a phenomenal officiant, and we have collaborated on a number of elopements in the Lawrence and Kansas City area. It is one of my favorite things to photograph, and I hope that if you are looking for a photographer for your elopement, you will consider me.

Elopements start at $150 per half hour. More details on Pricing page.

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